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Full Version: Feedback For Blackberrypie
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In case it's needed..
Ebay: Sashimineko
MLPArena: BatWingsAndPinkThings
Den of Angels:coldstar
+1! Bought a Zuora from me. Quick payment and extremely nice to deal with!

+1 as buyer... thank you :sp 2: <3

Great buyer, hope you enjoy both Squall's head (this sounds creepy lol) and the soap

+1 fast payment, very friendly!! Thank you!
+1 FANTASTIC seller!
Excellent communication and the dolls came with all sorts of extra bits and bobs <3
+1 as a buyer; fast payment, great communication. I hope you enjoy Latte's stock! <img src=" />
+1 as a seller. Thanks so much! Junko's excited to have new shoes >_<
+1 as a seller (LJ transaction) thank you! :sp 2:
+1 as a seller! The pink hair arrived today! Thankyou!
+1 as seller. fast shipment and accurate description of hangry's stock!
good seller yay fast shipping and her wig is too cute! Thanks!!
+1 as a seller!

Great communication and shipping. I did get charged seventy-five cents extra postage when the wig arrived, but I completely believe my crazy local post office is to blame. They do stuff like that all the time. XP

Thanks for the wig, it's great! ^^