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Full Version: I'll Add A Pinky Post; Because we do need more. :3
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At least just one. I hope you enjoy. ^^ My Pinkys, Park, Miki, and Koko.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Thanks for looking. :3 <3
I must not look at PS pictures too much, or I have myself another wallet robbing indulging hobby :'3

I love the one with the glasses and the adidas vest :3
I love the lighting in these photos, especially how it highlights their hair. I also love how, even though they aren't fully poseable, they still look really "natural", if that makes sense.

They're wonderful ^^
@Spoiled: Thanks! ^^

@E-kid: Don't we all go through that? <img src=" /> Thanks!

@JetBaby: Thanks, that was my first attempt at soft-focus. <3


i love the last pic.
Those first three shots look like they were taken at a really cool Christmas party! That's a great themed photoshoot.


the shadow pic at the end is really good


Those are soooo adorable <3~
Thank you, everyone. ^^
I like Park) Very cute!
I like your girls! and the pics are so cute yay
Thanks Katt and Poison Girl!
I love the last one~
Thanks, SaiK0U. :3
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