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Show off where your dolls live here. <3
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Mine is still a work in progress at this point, but here are some pics of a sleepover my daughter and I put together in Elise's (My Melody) room:

Posted Image

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Well it's not quite a dollhouse (yet!wink Until I get my big pink bookcase to decorate. (i have teeny floorboards and wallpaper picked out already!wink

It's just a set up on a table in my room <3

Poor photos I know!

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My ex jewellery box wardrobe
Posted Image

My etsy alice sofa ( i have an armachair and ottoman too)
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Oooh! All of these pictures are so inspiring! smile

They're all very impressive! I hope I can put together a nice niche for my DaL by the time she arrives... (I can't wait til September!wink


ver cool houses
I love your Alice sofa!!!
Yeah that sofa rocks!!
I love seeing all your doll houses! Please post more XD
I'm revamping mine at the moment, but will post pics of it when it's done soon!
This is my pullips' living area :-)
My grell is waiting for her new wig right now, so she's sitting there bald.. xD

I made a shelf for their little anime figures on the wall and decorated with posters and chairs :3

[Image: 3870407067_c627884989.jpg]
Welly wow you have so many stunning dolls <3 <3 <3
(I didn't know you had so many)
(09-01-2009, 04:05 AM)Yukittie Wrote: [ -> ]Welly wow you have so many stunning dolls <3 <3 <3
(I didn't know you had so many)

Aww thank you so much!! ^__^ I'm really glad you like them grin
hehe it's weird, but I didn't realise I had that many either until I had them all grouped together like that XD
mine isn´t reday yet but it takes not much anymore ... it has two finsied bed rooms
[Image: flat1.jpg]

[Image: flat12.jpg]

[Image: flat16.jpg]

[Image: flat3.jpg]

[Image: flat4.jpg]

the living room not ready yet ....

[Image: flat6.jpg]

the Kitchen

[Image: flat8.jpg]

[Image: flat9.jpg]

[Image: flat10.jpg]

in planig are:

bath room
Doctors Room
Dressing Room
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