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Full Version: Jen's Feedback
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100% positive feedback

Please post feedback here if you've sold to or purchased from me.

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Sweet Kawaii Swaps

Thank you!
+1 Positive for Jen^^
A great buyer! =D
+1 positive!

A great buyer! Very friendly and easy to deal with. She bought Rida from me, paid promptly.

I'd highly recommend her! smile

+1 as a buyer~ Friendly, communication was excellent, and paid quickly <img src=" /> Thanks again! <3
+1 for a fantastic buyer. Extremely friendly would not hesitate to do business with again.
+1 for trading. Thank you so much for your lovely made necklace!
++++++1 for a execptionally nice person!

She had 3 nude High School Musical "barbies" free for shipping. I told her I'd love them for a toy collection I'm doing for an orphanage. When they arrived.....she had sent clothes too!!!! So sweet and a great person!
+1 as a seller! smile She made several pairs of plain white socks for my girls and my Taeyang. I got them today and they're awesome. Thank you!
+1 as a seller. These lucky star jars are so cuuuuuuuute! The packaging was fantastic - I felt like I was unwrapping precious jewels from a department store! yay
Will buy from again!
+1 as buyer. Thankyou for such a smooth transaction!!
+1 as a seller, thanks so much for the adorable stockings!
Received the item I purchased from her in a very timely matter. She responded quickly to PMs. Great seller and great person : )
+1 as a seller - she made a petticoat for my girl and i got some really cute knee socks from her too - great communication!
+1 seller
Comissioned leg warmers and socks for my girl and they're beautiful. <3 Took the time to check up and make sure I recieved the order when the postal service was being slow too. Very awesome.
+1 As a seller. Awesome hoodie, great communication, would buy from again. <3
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