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Full Version: Mod Notes: Read before posting!
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1) Please look to see if your doll has already been listed before you post~ please do not start a new thread for a doll that is already listed
2) If you just bought a listed doll- Feel free to add your own purchase price to posts, including condition of the doll, if it had stock, etc to keep the pricing current! This is a wonderful and helpful tool for other buyers!
3) Keep in mind that a doll is worth what people are willing to pay- While I might only be willing to pay $70 for a doll, someone else may consider this doll a "grail" and be willing to pay much more! Differences in opinion should not cause arguements!
4) This shouldn't need to be mentioned, but I've seen it so it needs to be said. Try to be honest ~ please don't low-ball a price request hoping to trick someone into selling you a doll for way less than it's really worth.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns- I'm on every day! <3
Added this to the top of the forum.
I have combined all stock and doll threads into single posts- so for instance My Melodys thread includes prices for her stock, for her nude, nrfb, mib etc.

I have also simplified thread titles by just using the dolls name.

Please bump any existing doll threads with your new questions on all aspects including any conditions, extras, wig, parts, stock full or partial smile