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Full Version: Jouet
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Any idea how much a NRFB Jouet Dal would be worth?

I really have no idea as she's so rare I don't recall seeing one come up for sale...
$500? I have seen ones priced very high on e-bay but i am not sure if they sold. Jouet is pretty hard to price as she isn't up for sale often.
I'm sure truefan will know smile
All too well!
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The last couple I've seen priced were $1000, but I think they both sold for around $750-$800.

At least one of those came with a "free" Jolie too.
I paid $825 for mine but she came with a free Jolie.

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Thanks all - that's *extremely* helpful!
I paid approximately $350 for my 2nd Jouet from Yahoo Japan this summer, she had previously been slid out from her box but not removed completely from the box.