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How much would a pre-loved Greggia cost?
I've seen them listed on Ebay for $230-$250 NRFB, but I was wondering about the price of a deboxed girl.
(Or, even with incomplete stock, or nude... or just the head? <img src=" /> )

Just wondering how much I should be stashing away in the dolly fund. grin
--Thanks! <3
I got her around a year ago for about $120 shipped within the US complete in box (stock, card, etc). Not sure how much she goes for now, but I can't imagine her for any more than $100 nude. ^^;
I sold mine about 6 months ago in mint condition with full stock, card, box etc... for $150. Hope that helps

blythe blythe

I got one nude last Decemeber for $90 smile
Awesome! Thanks everyone. :3
Those prices seem pretty manageable. I'm excited now. >w<
Now, after I get the girls I've been wanting for a while, I'll start on the Greggia fund! grin
I have Greggia's partial stock that I'm debating selling, but I'm not set on it yet. I was wondering what I could ask for it.

I have:
Ram Hood
Vest thing
Leg Warmers

Does anyone know what a nude/bald Greggia goes for these days? I'm thinking of letting mine go, but not sure of an asking price.
I'm guessing just from reading the above posts that she'd go for $90-100 being that she's nude/bald. Over $100 seems too much though, IMO.
A nude bald greggia would be about $80 - $90, and her stock would be about $40

Any idea how much Greggia's complete stock would go for (including her plushie)?

It's usually $90 for the doll and $40/50 for her stock depending on the condition =)
Im selling my nude yet perfect Greggia, for $150 in the US. ive never removed her wig, or obitsue'd her and NRFB shes selling at pullipstyle for $175. so for a PERFECT Greggia in tact nude thats a very fair price. Im not going to lower my price and shes already listed so if yours is in as good of shape id suggest the same price, maybe $130 if her wig has been removed
But her stock is usually a big part of her price, that's why most nude Greggia's go for around $90-100.
I sold mine for $140 I think - $90 for the doll and $50 for her stock and card.

Your girl is gorgeous and makes me miss mine lol T_T Good luck with your sale!

I have to agree with Chihiro - based on a split of 60/40 you end up at $105, and with Greggia's stock outfit being so sought after, a split based on 50/50 is actually more realistic ($87.50). She's a gorgeous doll, but $150 will most probably not sell her. Perhaps if you put her on eBay or Blythe Kingdom! smile
Chiming in here to agree with Chihiro and Birdie...I just sold my nude Greggia for $90, and I have her stock listed at $40 here, and it still hasn't sold!

Good luck with your sale! Your gal is lovely!yay
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