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Full Version: Feedback for paradethepaper
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Hello! This is paradethepaper/Jerlene's feedback thread!

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+1 as seller <3
Quick, adorable sticker on the front XD, great packaging and great communication.
Thanks a lot!
+1 from me for selling me the ReMent! grin
+1 positive as a seller. <3 Awesome communication and the items arrived really fast.
+1 for being a great buyer. She bought some papin accessories and bracelets from me. Very friendly and fast payment. Thank you, Jerlene^^ <3
+1 - Thank you so much! Fast shipping. Great communication. Really friendly. yay I hope to trade with you again someday!
+1 as a seller--I bought Missionary's wig from her and it arrived quickly and in great condition. Thanks so much~!
+1 as a buyer smile

Thank you so much! Very polite too xxx
+1 from me again! I love the little toolbox! So cute!
+1 as a buyer

Fast shipping & easy to talk to yay Thank you!~
+1 as a seller

paradethepaper is a wonderful seller! She answered all of my questions very promptly and is a very pleasant person to do business with. :sp 2:
+1 positive, received the hair bows. thanks so much!!!
+1 positive seller. I love my hair bobbles and she had excellent communication. Thanks!
+1 positive. received the dress today and love it. thanks so much!
+1 as buyer.

paradethepaper was such a sweetie. They where very decisive & made quick payment. I can appreciate this type of customer <3 Thank You!!!!!!
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