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Full Version: Prunella
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I'm trying to make some decisions concerning my doll hobby, and I need a price check on my girls.

In this thread, we have my Prunella.
- Nude & bald
- On Obitsu (27cm W SBH-M.)
- Blue animal eyes.
- Lips redone, and sealed.
- Great condition. No marks or scratches.
I paid $80 for mine with s+h.
Lips redone, you mean that they're damaged... That will take a bit chunk out of her price I'm afraid. It depends on how they look now.
Since she comes with an Obitsu I'd say $60-70
I think it would be a good price yeah. In france, sometimes Prunella is a very expensive pullip since it's really well-known and appreciated...I don't know if it's the same in your country ^^'
I just got a Prunella at a con, NIB, for $90 CAD (Around $81 USD?)

I think I did fairly well price-wise, but I just wanted to check and see if anyone could tell me for sure. xD;

Thank you~!
redstars~ that's a good price. Did she come with all of her stock?
Yep, she was brand new - NRFB. smile
My Prunella has her complete stock make up, outfit, and wig, on a 27cm W SBH-S (with original body also included) and I have her box and the tote also. Perfect makeup, displayed on her stand 99% of the time. Brand new on PullipStyle for $112 on sale from $125. Just wondering how much she would be worth now smile
Can anyone give me some rough estimates of what the going rate of a full-stock outfit/face out-of-box Prunella might be?
Any ideas on how much Pru goes for these days?
I'm thinking of selling mine, she would come with random type 4 body, she has additional piercing, so that both of her ears are pierced, she would be bald and with no stock. Her face up is in perfect condition, no flaws.
I think a Prunella in the condition you described would go for ~$120-130.