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Full Version: Rovam
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I'm trying to make some decisions concerning my doll hobby, and I need a price check on my girls.

In this thread, we have my Rovam.
- Nude & bald.
- On stock body (not so great, kinda loose.)
- Blue animal eyes.
- Lips redone, and sealed.
- Great condition. No marks or scratches.


Hi i currently have an offer for a 2nd hand rovam mint full with stock for $150 + SH. Is this a good deal?Thanks
it does sound like a good deal, but maybe ... too good? usually low prices on rare dolls can be scams ... i've seen that on pajas and fanaticas before ...
i agree with JayCee, where abouts is it being sold (ebay, yahoo, etc...)
A Rovam sold on ebay today for 175.00 full stock minus telescope
Hey guys!

Just wondering how you would go about pricing my Rovam. She has had her lips repainted and sealed, but her face has started to get yellowed patches. Its mostly around her nose and the middle of her face. It doesn't bother me, but it is there. How much would that 'devalue' her?

Otherwise, she would be nude, bald and on a T3 body.

Here she is before the yellowing, for her lips -

[Image: 3425800827_2eed1a3a12.jpg]
sorry to bump an old thread but how much do you think Rovam's stock, minus the telescope and wrist cuffs, would go for?
You might get more for individual items than a lot, but a lot minus the telescope and cuffs could be around 40-45. Rival stock isn't as sought after as paja or fanatica so I think that would be fair.

Ps if you do sell them individually I'd be interested in her eyepatch


How much would my Rovam be worth right now? Have her full stock, box, card and she has only ever been displayed. Her only flaw is that she came to me with a small dent in her nose it seems. Factory flaw
How much should i ask for my nude Rovam? I have rewigged her in a beautiful Kstarr red/brown wig. I still have her stock wig though. I didn't glue down the wig it just slips on over her head. It had held on
Pretty good too! Her eye lids are just sooo
Lovely. I'll miss her.
Hi, anyone have current price for rovam, apparently she has her stock, stock chips and wig, - no box. Sellers asking for $200 / 130 euros

Pullip Rovam (used)

Pullip Rovan used but in good condition. Body is in great shape and she only shows a little mark on her cheek. Includes all clothes and accessories (I think). No original box or stand included. (Ref N34)