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Full Version: twinkledoll's feedback
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Look forward to join this community! Please leave me feedback when you had transaction with me!
Positive -9
Neutral -0
Negative -0

For your reference,
I also have a feedback post on my journal
+1 for a Seller, I purchased her NRFB Cinamaroll. She arrived safe and sound!! Thanks Twink!!
+1 Positive!

Wonderful seller! My Aquel loves her new white wig! Thank you yay
+1. Thank you for Ciel, so cute! Fast shipping and friendly service. smile
+1 Thank you so much for Blanche! Very nice seller. LOL
+1 as a seller. I bought a Ciel Dal from twinkledoll and the doll arrived quickly and was packaged very safely!
+1 for being an awesome seller. smile

I bought a NRFB Shinku from her, and she shipped quickly, and Shinku arrived perfectly. grinHeart 2
+1 as a seller, Twinkledoll sold me her NRFB Xiao Fan, whom arrived safely and promptly with good packaging! I haven't seen her yet because I have to wait for Christmas, the wait is killing me!
+1 as an awesome seller! My Naomi arrived fast, safely, and at a killer price! Thanks again, I love her so!
+1 Puki arrived 1 week earlier than I thought she would! Thank you for making my day!