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Full Version: Kookie's Feedback
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Feedback for Dolly Market:
positive - 7
neutral - 0
negative - 0

Positive feedback elsewhere:
Ebay (Alienlifeform1) 301/0/0
LiveJournal (kookiedakat) 40/0/0
Mangatude (kookie) 75/0/0
Etsy (kookiedakat) 4/0/0
+1 for kookie! great communication!
+1 as a buyer. Good communication and quick payment. (: Thanks!!
1+ as a buyer - purchased two cards from me!
+ 1
She bought a Dal body and the transaction was fine.
+1 for a great buyer! Thank you!! <3
+1 as a buyer! Fast payment and great communication. Thanks for a fast and easy transaction and enjoy your clothes!
+1 as a buyer. Great to deal with. Thanks!
+1 - lightning fast shipping and wonderful communication thru-out for my DRTA!!
Thank you so much Kookie...!
+1 buyer~

Quick payment and responses, patient and understanding. Thanks so much~!
+1 trader~

Shipping was quick, communication was awesome, and I would totally trade with you again. Thanks! <33
+1 as a trader

Friendly communication and quick shipping. Traded a wig and some hat and scarf commissions for some manga.
+1 seller, wonderful transaction!
+1 as seller!

I bought some white shirts off of her. Fast shipping, great communication! Thanks!!