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Full Version: Feedback for nomore_noless
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I have 100% positive feedback on eBay:

I also have a feedback post on LJ:

And one over at Shopadollic:
+1 as a buyer. Great communication, prompt payment, HIGHLY recommend! Thanks so much for a pleasant transaction!!
+1 as a buyer! It was awhile back, but as I recall everything went very smoothly~~
+1 for a smooth transaction! thank u!
+1 as a seller! I bought some shoes from her and everything went fantasticallysmile Thank you!!
+1 as a buyer! Thanks!
+1 as a buyer. Very pleasant to deal with, paid quickly and communicated well through whole transaction. wink Thanks for buying!
+ 1 as a buyer. Fantastic to deal with. smile
+1 for being a great buyer.

nomore_noless purchased Maguna's stock outfit from me--she communicated with friendly PMs, sent along immediate payment, let me know when the item arrived and left me feedback without me having to bug her about it. A truly smooth transaction. Thanks so much! smile
+1 as a seller! Bought a Sunny's wig from her and it was perfect and arrived quickly! Communication was great, too! yay
+1 as a buyer. She posted on LJ that she was looking for a T3 body, and I sold her my T3. We decided to leave feedback on DM because we are both more active on here than on LJ.

The transaction went smoothly: communication was great, she paid quickly and let me know when it arrived! I would do business with her again!
+1 We did a trade and she was just wonderful to work with. I got quick responses and she shipped quick as well. Super sweet and nice to deal with!
+1 for participating in the 6th nDoll GO! Always a pleasure! Thank you!! <33
+1 Buyer.
Bought my Chelsea stock outfit from me.
Lovely gal, great communication, very quick payment!
Highly recommended! ♥
+1 as a buyer!

Awesome, understanding buyer...she paid when she said she would and communication was friendly and pleasant. I spastically forgot to include the socks and shoes with Sebastian PT's stock, and she was really wonderful with being patient while I sent them.

(I'm still really sorry about that, BTW! blush )

You really can't ask for a nicer buyer...thanks so much!
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