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Full Version: Southern Virginia, Hampton Roads area~
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Anyone? smile

I live in Virginia Beach, and I know of a couple doll people around here- but maybe there are more in hiding... XD
I live in Richmond! It's not to too far from there! I'd love to meet new doll people! grin
I'm in NC near the border, so I'm not so far away. Unfortunately I can't afford to go out so much because I'm jobless. Hopefully soon I'll be able to do meets and such again!
amb: I have a Pullip friend in Richmond who's been to one or two of the BJD meets... maybe you've met her? ^^ Her name is Amy~
I love Richmond! smile

neko: I hope so, too!
I wiiiiiiiiiiiish....
I'mma ride the train up there to see you! X3
Gah! I really want to!
*starts walking there alone*
I don't know how a train will do through snow.. Whacked I've never ridden one.. X3
I think the train should be fine through the snow PLUS it doesn't snow the ENTIRE winter!! Whatever you guys do, you have lodging in boston XD
Oooh! When?! This area is ideal for me to meet up with some people smile I haven't been to any, ever Tongue But I really want to smile Just tell meh when!
I know this is old but I'd go to one in Richmond smile I just moved here and would love to make doll friends
Kimberly, what part of VA are you in? grin

rconroy~ I replied to your thread~ X3
(Meh, sorry for late reply^^; )
I'm in this exact area, Hampton Roads. Haha. Tongue
Bumping this for any new interest.

I need to get back into the doll hobby, and the best way to do that would be some in-person doll meetups/friends. Yay.