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Full Version: Pullip Bodies- All types
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OK, I've searched and have found plenty of Type 3 bodies selling for $5-$8 a piece, but what's the worth of a Type 1 body (specifically Withered)? I'm assuming about the same but just want to double check...
I really don't know for sure but I'm guessing 10 Dollar?
I have a pre-loved Winter Purezza type 2 body that I will most likely sell once I get my girl an obitsu.

Her body came to me pre-loved with tummy melt and some of the usual problems with arms or legs coming off. Parts of her body look a bit yellowed (her legs) and her left arm seems loose at the joint.

I'm really not sure what to ask for it, so any input is appreciated. Thanks so much.
Around $6-10 dollars. I just bought a Paja one a while back for $10, and it had no body melt and was not floppy, and no yellowing, so I would say that for a less pristine body, around $7 or so.
I think if it is in such a bad state, you might only get a few dollars for it, if anything. However you could sell the pieces seperately, for spares and repairs.
In that state (loose, yellowed and melted) it isn't worth much. Type2 bodies aren't that much in demand anyway, since most people now replace their type2 girls with type3 or Obitsu bodies. Like Obviouszebra says, you can try selling parts, or offer a trade.
Thanks for the advice. I'm actually selling the doll the body is attached too. But I see your point with its condition.
Well, I know wind is the first pullip and she's valuable, so considering that, how much do you think her body would be worth? I have no idea what to price it at now that type one bodies are rare.
I'm honestly not sure but if you do decide to sell it please keep me in mind as my poor Wind recently had an accident and has been looking for a new body.Happy
Not much honestly, I would guess between 8 or 10 Dollar.
It seems all but the rarest skintones go for about $8-$10
How much does a Type 4 body usually go for? I've been thinking of selling the one I have from Kaela, but I'm not sure what price to give it. Thanks :-)
i just bought Bouquets body for $6 + shipping yay
and i bought a type 4 for $10 shipped
Wanted to add that I just sold some Little Pullip bodies for 3US$ each + shipping fee recently.^^