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[Image: 3846946864_922d310278.jpg]
My Harley
[Image: 03041.jpg]

And re-wigged with Maguna's stock:
[Image: 12082.jpg]

& In a For My Doll wig:
[Image: 121292.jpg]
[Image: 102_4244.jpg?t=1254456487]
Hope Lamadun - Rewigged, rebodied (Type 3 with obitsu arms).

[Image: 2pqq36g.jpg]

[Image: 263zmnc.jpg]

[Image: s5utr4.jpg]
[Image: 1dollies003.jpg]

[Image: dolls033.jpg]

[Image: dollies001-1.jpg]

[Image: HPIM1366.jpg]

[Image: 2054550988_982fd43cef.jpg]

[Image: 5769302930_712e8178be.jpg]
Here's Juno:



and with her man, Brian:

Brian and Juno

Juno and Brian
[Image: 8529992436_5ee4da1ce9_z.jpg]

[Image: 11809531174_380dbb3cbc_z.jpg]
And after some reblushing
[Image: 18400464364_f7d9ac6eed_z.jpg]

[Image: 11529449954_bccdee3044_z.jpg]