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Full Version: TPLs feedback
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Hi everyone this is my feedback thread!
Feedback is left below for my transaction with RTO
Neutral feedback.

RogerTheOctopus contacted me on 7/20 about purchasing my rewigged, rechipped Arietta. She asked if she could do a layaway plan and I said yes. She also asked if she could make the payments in cash. I said that was ok and gave her my address. On the 24th she told me she would start sending payments the next day or the day after. On the 26th she told me she was about to send her first payment but wanted to ask if I would instead trade my Arietta for her rewigged, obitsu’d Kirsche. I said I would and asked for a picture of her doll. She told me her camera was broken and she couldn’t provide one. I then told her that because she couldn’t provide a picture of the doll she needed to send her half of the trade to me first so I could look at Kirsche and verify her condition. I also recommended that she purchase insurance and delivery confirmation for her doll because I would be sending Arietta with both. She agreed to send Kirsche to me first and asked when she should send her. I told her to send the doll when it was convenient but to please let me know when the doll was mailed.

On the 28th she wrote me again and asked if I could send Arietta to her first because she had a doll meet to attend on Saturday and didn’t want to be the only person without a doll. On the 29th she wrote me again and told me she had mailed Kirsche and asked if I could send Arietta via an overnight mail service to her. I wrote her on the 30th with the following and told her I could not and would appreciate either a tracking number for Kirsche or a scan/picture of the post office receipt for mailing verification.

I didn’t hear from RTO after that but on 8/4/10 another DM member wrote to me to tell me that RTO had sent Kirsche to her previously as part of a trade. She offered to supply pictures of Kirsche and mail her to me so I could then mail Arietta to RTO. I was not comfortable with this arrangement and chose to end my trade.

RTO lied to me about mailing a doll and tried to trade me a doll she had already traded. I would suggest that those who engage in future trade transactions with Rogertheoctopus exercise caution.
Neutral Feedback

I was going to trade a Blythe I was not bonding with for a Stica with RTO but when the doll arrived it was a kirsche which I already had and so I told her I would send the pullip back to her since it was not what I was looking for, the doll also arrived in a shoebox with no padding or anything to protect it from damage. Well when I asked RTO for her address to send the doll back to her she said she was going to trade the kirsche for an arietta from another member here and asked if I would send the doll to the other member here instead of sending it to her. I contacted the other member and that member said RTO said she had already sent the doll, which was not tru as I still had the doll, so the other member said she was not going to continue the transaction, This was late July and I still have the kirsche, I asked for her address again and she said she would give it to me later since she would not be home and did not want to get the doll while she was away, so a couple of weeks after that I finally just got her address a few days ago and am sending her doll back this week.
Caution should be advised when trading/buying from RTO