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Full Version: Anyone in New Jersey?
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Anybody in Jersey wanna do a dolly meet? It would be cool to meet people around me who also collect dolls! yay
Although I am in CT, some pullip collectors meet (to buy and sell) at the Doll Show in Hackensack, New Jersey. Are you near there? I usually have a table with another pullip collector.

The next one is on Sunday, Aug 15th 2010.
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Rothman Center
Hackensack, New Jersey.
I'm in PA but I could definitely drive to NJ.
I'm in Philly, which means I could spit to jersey. LOL Seriously though, I'm not far at all. Where would you consider a good meeting place? An upper-east-coast kind of meetup in NJ would be pretty cool.
Frankly, I'm land-locked here (after growing up by the Jersey Shore and living in NYC for a long time -- yes, there are beaches in NYC...crummy ones, but beaches nonetheless) and I would love to see the ocean...I haven't in more than 3 years.

Any good meetup spots near the shore?
Ocean City? Atlantic City? Wildwood? I can get to those spots easily. And if we go to AC there's a good chance I can get a free or discounted rooms at Harrah's Casino.
I'm in central Jersey. A meet at AC would be so cool!! smile Wow...I opened this thread last year and never thought I'd get any responses. ^^; It seemed like no one around me collected Pullips. It's so nice to see people around me that share my hobby! :O
I've never met any doll people in real life; a meetup would be fun!

No one even knows what Pullips are out here, so I can totally relate. Makes me miss my old stomping ground of least there are Japanese people there, who might have a clue!
No one here had heard of them either, though my coworkers are really awesome about it and always seem interested in what I'm sewing at my desk. Gotta love working at a call center sometimes... LOL

We should definitely do this. I work tuesday-saturday so I'm free on saturday evenings/sunday all day/monday all day.

Boardwalk Pullips!
I agree - we should totally do this! A Saturday evening would be perfect for me :3
I just thought I'd bump this thread and see if we can get a little more definite interest going.

I posted a thread about a potential doll meet in NE PA, but got zero interest, unfortunately. So it looks like Jersey it is!
I, too, would love to get something more definite going! smile I liked the whole AC idea - I've been wanting to go back for awhile! LOL
I live right outside AC. I love to meet up with anyone.
If any one interested there a BJD meeting in the Mullica Hill library this Sat (oct 9) it's from 12 pm- to 4pm
the library address is:

389 Wolfert Station Road
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Phone: 856-223-6000
I live in Philly, would totally love to meet some doll people!