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[Image: 3962066868_6e32249d34.jpg]
[Image: 3967122433_ae4c23a578.jpg]

Comes nude as in photos. Minty mint condition, never played with.

Price ideas?

luv MOP...
$70 is the price she seems to go for around here yay
Thankyou smile
She has been taken out of the box and photographed, but her booties, mittens, card and stand are still in the packaging. Her mug has been taken out of the box but is back in there now in a little zip lock. She has no flaws and is like new. She will be shipped in her original box.

Thanks for the help!
I merged your thread as this one already existed smile

Your asking price of $95 seems just about right.
Oh! Sorry! I didn't realize I should have used the same threadsmile Thank you for merging!!
I'm wanting to sell Cinna's full stock (including the wig, but that'd be optional) but I have no idea how much to ask for it. I'm so out of touch with the pullip world these days Sweatdrop how much could I get for it? It's barely been out of my dolly drawer since I got it, so it's in perfect condition :3
What about a cinnamoroll with stock and obitsu?
How much would a Cinnamorol sell NRFB?
I got one about two weeks ago NRFB for $105 (and shipping from Canada to NY was included in that price)
How much would a stock Cinnamorol with full stock, stand, card but no box? Redressed twice and in perfect condition. Thanks!!
Just curious what a Cinnamoroll would go for these days? She's complete with stock and in beautiful condition (but with no box).
I'm thinking of selling my Cinnamoroll (I really want a Blythe). She's been taken out of her box (which I don't have anymore) but she's completely stock face/body/hair/eyechip and I would be including all of her stock as well.

I did a check on eBay and it looks like NRFB she's going for over $200-300 (?!) What do y'all think would be an accurate/fair price for out of the box?

Thanks in advance! grin
I paid probably around $120 for mine, OOB, with incomplete stock. So $180 maybe?
Thanks for the input! grin
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