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Full Version: Khait's Feedback. :)
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Here's my Ebay Profile. I'm new to Ebay so of course I don't have alot of feedback..

DM feedback:

+5 as Buyer
+0 as Seller (since I haven't tried to sell'm a packrat!)
+1 Great buyer!! Sell to her anytime! Super nice!! <3
+1 as a buyer! Was friendly, paid promptly and let me know when she received her item. Thank you sweetie!
+1 as a buyer! Fast payment and great communication. Thanks again and enjoy your things!
I realised I never left you feedback, so sorry for that smile

Of course +1, I'm very pleased with transaction and Khait was very nice to wait longer ^___^
+1 for a great sale

i sold her my bait head and she just got it - great to do business with ^^