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Full Version: Feedback for Gaspode
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Please post feedback here for any transactions with me.


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+1 for a great buyer, it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, and she paid right away as promised, as well as letting me know when the body arrived. I'd be glad to do business with her again!
No complaints! Smooth transaction. ^^
+1 buyer

Smooth, quick and delightful transaction! Thank you!

(tiny cupcakes strappy sundress with blue polka dot trim)
+1 Great Buyer!! Fast payment, great communication! <3
Great transaction as always! Dispatched quickly and great communication! :3
+1 as a seller, item was sent out quickly & well packed, thanks! =D
+1 as a seller, once again a faultless transaction. smile Gaspode was polite and helpful throughout.
+1 as a great buyer~!
+1 as a buyer! Super, faultless transaction. :3 Polite and pleasant, an absolute pleasure to deal with! <333
+1 as a buyer!

She purchased a Bratz outfit & a sterling silver gecko charm necklace for Pullip. She pays fast and is super polite & friendly. Thanks so much for shopping at my sales thread--you're always welcome to come back! smile
+1 as Seller!
Great transaction ! Nice contact and fast shipping! Thanks!
+1 for a great sale

sold me a few pairs of dolly panties that my girls despertly needed - thanx so much yay
+1 I bought Pullip and Dal clothes from Gaspode. She's very friendly to deal with and sent the clothes off very quickly. I'm very pleased with the clothes and they are exactly as pictured.