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Full Version: HarukaKat's Feedback
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Here's my feedback, sorry there isn't much. I haven't done much in the way of BST yet. smile

Positive: 5
Negative: 0

Feedback from other sites:
Etsy feedback -
+ for an awesome split

Split Tweety with her and it went perfectly yay
+1 as a buyer! Paid fast and kept in touch! Such a cutie to talk with, too xd
+1 as a great buyer

orderd somehting from the Parabox Go and she was so understand about the mixup yay
+1 as a participant in the Dollmore GO. Thanks so much for being a part of it.
+1! HarukaKat bought a puki faceplate, clothes, eyes, and a wig from me smile Easy and fast communication smile
+1 as a buyer~ Again great communication and fast payment! Wonderful to work with Heart