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Full Version: Dear Vienna [My Melody]
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[Image: 4178004752_60dd48f536_o.jpg]
[Image: 4179597428_17db747b7b_o.jpg]
[Image: 4179597456_f07349c946_o.jpg]

I regarded the world as such a sad sight
Until I viewed it in black and white
Then I reviewed every frame and basic shape
And sealed the exits with caution tape
Don't refocus your eyes in the darkness
And don't remember this place unless
I describe all the things that you cannot see
And we'll unravel the mystery

Farewell, all my friends in textbooks, I'm going home
'Cause my blood cells cannot depend on the weather in photographs
There's a light show out my window somewhere way up there
Dear Vienna, are you singing?
Dear Vienna, are you swinging?
Dear Vienna, we were happy like the shades of May when we got carried away

I got a new Flikr that I'm actually going to use xD!

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Wow she looks absolutely stunning!
Her lashes are just amazing!
She really is one of the best MM's I've ever seen, I love her and your pictures are fantastic.

Please post more pictures soon <3
[Image: 4182887809_d24967dfbe_o.jpg]
[Image: 4182887769_bb499d9d6c_o.jpg]


Fantastic! My Melody looks lovely in so many wigs... great one you have chosen. I also love her in that Top Model Barbie dress! I have that dress and the doll she came in - soo lovely!
I love her super-long lashes. Nicely done smile
I love her long lashes and her dress! She's so nice in pink
Thanks everyone <3
[Image: 4187122582_79ef8b2cc5_o.jpg]

He's my Gloomy Bear I made on photoshop just now :] He's not done but he will be.
Wow she is so beautiful!!
Naww, she's cute ^^
[Image: 4249071731_e464261dae_o.jpg]
Then I changed her eyes <3
[Image: 4260357549_cdf493b3e5_o.jpg]
[Image: 4260357415_9ec931c849_o.jpg]
holy crap! I'm absolutely in love with those eyelashes! may I ask where you got them and how you made them so amazingly full? they look AmAzInG*~! O_O
Those eyelashes are fantastic.
I seriously want to put amazing eyelashes like that on one of my girls.. if only I knew how to make them that striking! x_x
She is beautiful (:
Also, your puppy is adorable hehe.
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