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Full Version: Oh Christmas tree.. oh Christmas pinky wait what?
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I unfortunately had to box up my Pinky Street collection earlier in the year when it became apparent that my toddler thought they good teething toys :phaunted: I was kind of lamenting their fate when I realized perhaps Christmas was the perfect occasion to display them...
[Image: 4208169897_273dd28572.jpg]
[Image: 4208925412_1be2d3964d.jpg]
[Image: 4208909162_dd55772861.jpg]
[Image: 4208145349_b1333d1e25.jpg]
[Image: 4208154785_57152db152.jpg]
[Image: 4208930038_9cd0459045.jpg]
Tons more on my flickr
that is awesome yay
how in the world did you a. get them to stay on the tree? and b. stay together without falling apart?
Couple more pics...
[Image: 4209382880_cdcae22f5b.jpg]
[Image: 4209383480_b16cb4f8f0.jpg]

(12-24-2009, 03:14 AM)MissMandyLynne Wrote: [ -> ]that is awesome yay
Thanks <3

@Leannarchy- I got a ton of little bendable hooks designed for tree ornaments and depending on the design of the pinky for the most part I wrapped it around their waists, for the ones with ones longer hair or more complex pinkies I had to use three or four hooks to get them on the tree ^^; As far as getting them to stay together I picked the outfits that fit together tightly and kind of hoped for the best I've only had one or two fall even when we moved the tree about three feet to the right.
[Image: 4209381252_1f3a8c27d9.jpg]
Here you can see one of the ones I had to use three on yay
that's such an awesome idea. so cute!
(12-24-2009, 04:35 AM)Leannarchy Wrote: [ -> ]that's such an awesome idea. so cute!
Thanks I wanted to try something different this year Happy
Definitely wins for Most Creative Tree. ^__^
I already commented on your thread on Pinky St forums, but I have to say it again, how cool this is! I love it. x3 It's very cute. ^^
very cute!
This tree is so special!
Great idea! yay
Wow, that is the coolest Christmas Tree I've ever seen XD
If I had seen this earlier I definitely would have put up a Christmas tree this year!
Very cute!! I'd love this to be my tree!
I want that tree! What a great job!
ohh that was a great idea
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