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Full Version: Feedback for anniemilktea!
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Please post feedback here!
+1 for participating in the nDoll GO that I organized!! Thank you bunches!! <3
+1 ^^ for doing a trade with me, I did her doll's face ups for MM's stock smile Lovely person to deal with and I can't wait for pictures of the girls yay
+1 super sweet a real pleasure thank you!
+1 for purchasing Pacifica! Fast payment, great communication! Very lovely buyer!
+1 positive for being an awesome friendly buyer! Thank you! And thank you for giving my Assa a new home!
+1 for a Great transaction!

bought a pair of eyechips from me and was a pleasure to deal with yay

Annie adopted my Mercu a while ago & she was an absolutely amazing buyer to deal with (: Communication was great and she was patient with me throughout the transaction! Thanks a lot! <3
+1 sweet buyer thank you!
+1 as a GO participant!
+1 for a kind and wonderful buyer. Smooth transaction and she is awesome!!
+1 for purchasing a leekeworld wig from me, very patient buyer. Thank you very much
+1 great buyer! Anniemilktea bought a doll from me; she paid quickly and was a sweetie to work with smile
+1 for selling me a wig! Excellent communication, fast shipping, and just great to deal with. Thanks again! smile
+1 as a buyer!
She bought my Filato and paid promptly and let me know as soon as he arrived! Thanks smile
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