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Full Version: Feedback for Mobscenes
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+1 for being a great buyer.

PMs & inquiries were polite, payment was immediate, and I was notified when she received the item. Perfect in every way, thank you! smile
+1 as a buyer, bought a bunch of clothes from me! smile Extremely friendly, great communication and super fast payment! You Rawk!! Tongue
+1 as a buyer. She such a pleasure to deal with, great communication, prompt payment. Thanks for such a smooth transaction.
+1 for participating in the 5th nDoll GO! Fast payment, super communication, always a pleasure! Thank you so much! <3333
+1 for participating in the 3rd Leeke GO!! Fast payment, excellent communication, and as always super to work with! Thank you so much!! <33
+1 as a buyer! Super sweet and paid promptly. Glad you're happy with the wig! smile
+1 for being an absolutely wonderful buyer.

Don't hesitate to work with Heather--you can count on her to send immediate payment and to let you know when your items reach her. She's a total doll. smile

Thanks for the smooth transaction, mobscenes!
+1 as a great seller! I bought Elisabeth from her and everything went great! Very nice communication and really fast shipping!! Thanks again! ^^
+1 for being an awesome buyer!! Paid quickly and was super nice , thank you so much . hope you enjoy suigintou ^__^
+2 for being a patient and wonderful buyer, hope you enjoy the new girls! =]

Never received item - once she got the money she never contacted me again - opened a paypal dispute for this transaction - will NEVER deal with her again!
-2 (Negatives)

Highly disappointed. Did 2 splits, where I was to receive ALL stock and accessories. Although she kept in perfect contact BEFORE the sale and shipped the splits quickly, the packaged arrived missing Sooni's pants and Tiphona's shoes & bag. Each set was sealed neatly in a zip lock bag and there was ZERO damage to the padded shipping envelopes so it does appear that these stock pieces were never shipped.

She took 4 days to reply to my PM asking about the missing pieces and seemed surprised and sorry and promised to double check the boxes and dolls for the missing pieces. No more communication from her until 10 days later after more PMs from me, she replied again apologizing and was not able to find the pieces and did offer a refund for the missing stock pieces.

She read my reply agreeing to the partial refund but NO reply or refund after reading my PM.

That was the last time she contacted me (11/29, today is 12/29).
No refund and I am left with missing stock pieces.
I do NOT recommend this seller as she does not follow through with her sales/splits and has slow or no communication post-sale.

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