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Full Version: Jade
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I am contemplating selling my flawless purple-haired boy, Jade. He would come with his card, stand, stock outfit sans scarf. What would be a fair asking price?

I had him on display only on my bookshelf. He was always dressed in his stock outfit.

Thanks for your help!Happy
That's an interesting question for me too since I'm looking for a stock Jade, but without his outfit. smile
I've seen nude Jade's sell for $70 in the past, with stock sans scarf you could ask $85-$90?
I have a Taeyang Jade, completely stock.
The only thing I changed is slitting the backs of his shoes so they go on and off more easily.
I wanted to check Pullip Style for his current price, but he vanished off the site? Does anyone
know if he's out of stock?
I guess they are waiting for restock, so the page is not currently available. But he must be about 85$ NRFB if his price has not increased.