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Full Version: ^^Sweet Versalles
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My Versalles ( Aquel).

[Image: 4410661227_03d185f142.jpg]
[Image: 4411429116_591a2040e9.jpg]
[Image: 4410660603_d591c144d5.jpg]
[Image: 4411429796_ea38181e62.jpg]
[Image: 4411431044_5dc88c8045.jpg]
That is one beautiful girl. *__*
Awww she is so pretty!
very lovely ^^ reminds me of alice in wonderland XD
I love these, she is very pretty
Thank you!!!
I've never really liked Aquel, but yours is so sweet! Love the 4th photo.. ^^
The wig suits her so well!
So cute <3
Wow, I love the pullip Aquel yay
AWW! She's sooo pretty and sweet and cute!!! <3
She is sooo pretty!!!
These are very pretty pictures.
she looks very pretty in curls <33