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Full Version: Meet Juliet - My new girl is here :)
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So you may remember that when I got Sara just before Christmas I had been planning on just the one Pullip to have customised as Alice in Wonderland and I was sure that would be it. Sara showed up and said "I'm not Alice! I'm Sara!" and suddenly I saw just why ppl say Pullips are addictive lol!

So, finally, my new girl arrived today and Sara helped welcome her home smile


Come on Gaspode, let's get her out of there!

[Image: 4425053531_b8c23218cb.jpg]

Hello in there! Don't worry, we are going to get you out smile
[Image: 4425053773_dd54fa29d9.jpg]

Hurry it up! I wanna meet her.
[Image: 4425818452_15b4432127.jpg]

Bubble wrap as well, at least she'll have been safe on her looong journey.
[Image: 4425818662_db447fd803.jpg]

Hi there! I'm Sara - What's your name?
Erm, I'm Juliet - Where am I?
[Image: 4425818994_6155da7fbc.jpg]

Sara filled her in... don't they look like they are already planning mischief?!
[Image: 4425819272_256653d4af.jpg]

We got her clothed
[Image: 4425054947_627ee1caf8.jpg]

Oh! Teehee, I forgot! This wig is supposed to be yours!
[Image: 4425820008_b45bfdec3f.jpg]

Ok, thanks, I think!....
[Image: 4425820396_97570e1784.jpg]


So yeah, the wig I thought Juliet would wear doesn't look right imho so she's sticking with her black wig for now but that may well change tho it is pretty. She informed us we can call her Jules for short and is settling in with Sara now on the sofa meeting Jerome and all the other geckos smile I love her already. She mentioned she has a younger sister who would like to live here someday but we'll have to wait and see about that..... wink

- Gaspode
Awww, she's gorgeous! :3 Which pullip is she?
Thanks! She's a Suigintou but I forgot whose eyechips she has. I've asked her previous owner smile
She is beautiful! Congrats! Awww the wig wasn't right for her after all:-( Still a cutie though!
it looks like she got Sooni's eyechips and it look gorgeous on her ^^
I think the black wig looks amazing on her! The scenes/narrations were really funny and good XD Great pictures!
Jules looks great! i luved the black wig too xD
I love your Jules
Juliet's eyes look sleepy and I think that is cute. Seems she really likes it there.
hehe! How fun, loving the last sentance about Juliet's little sister! I actualy quite like the blue wig on her.
Congrats!!! She's gorgeous!! Actually both your girls are gorgeous! <3 <3
What a pretty girl... she used to be a Suig? with who's chips? In any case, a darling addition to your Pullip family. I loved your photo shoot story too.
Thanks everyone. Yes Juliet is a suigintou with sooni Dal eyechips.
Pretty girl...^^
Your girls are so cute!