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Full Version: Samuel (Arion) - Good Morning, Campers!
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He does not like these clothes. XD He's modeling the outfit that will be worn by my second Taeyang (when I buy one - likely to be Cavalie). :3

[Image: S6302772.jpg]

Past Photoshoots:
[Image: th_S6301825.jpg] [Image: th_S6301824.jpg] [Image: th_S6301823.jpg]
Congrats! He's adorable!
Thank you, I think so! :3
He is so handsome! Congrats!
He likes to think so too! XD

Sam: ^_~d
aww they are cute together! definitely look related smile
Yeah, I'm really pleased they do! :3

I'll have to write their story and do some pictures to go with it.
Oh he's wonderful! Very handsome!!

And he and Dante look so great as brother and sister!
Oh Arion!! Nice choice... congratulations! He is very handsome, I have him too....his stock clothes are nice!

(03-26-2010, 07:13 AM)princesspetal Wrote: [ -> ]Oh he's wonderful! Very handsome!!

And he and Dante look so great as brother and sister!

Thank you! :3 I can't wait to take more pictures of them...

RacerGT - Thanks, he is! =D I love his stock, it's really good quality! The only thing I dislike are the boots as his feet got stuck in them and when I was getting them out the sides of the boots scratched my fingers a bit painfully. XD;; But I have some others for him which are softer. :3
XD New photos.
Yep, Arion he is definitely a favorite for me. He reminds me of my first boyfriend... a "surfer" dude always on a skateboard, boogie board or surf board... that blond hair was always falling around his handsome face and bright blue eyes... sound like any Taeyang you know? smile he was always pushing it back like Brad does in "Legends of the Fall" (Brad Pitt film)...
;D Lucky thing, know where I can get one of those? XD

I do like Arion's look, he really suits his style and I think he's just so handsome (in a androgynous way). :3d
update. XD
Lol! Poor Arion! But he totally rocks that outfit. XD
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