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Full Version: My own Edward Cullen ^^
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[Image: kcvbhb5v.jpg]

... and also Alice is here ^^

[Image: pd7wgd3d.jpg]

[Image: tfkjhuv2.jpg]

[Image: dtb4qgnj.jpg]

[Image: 4vpnyiqd.jpg]

[Image: ug785i6u.jpg]

Hehe, Edward and my Rida "Ronya" ^^
[Image: 279txh49.jpg]

Yesterday I found the perfect wig for Alice, not fur *yeah*Hope I can take some pics today!

Thanks for looking ^^
Oh good job on them.
I think they are cute! Nice work!
Hehe thanks yay

They are not perfect but I don´t want to make a "big custom project" out of them... I like them just the way they are!! ^^ I hope I will have a Bella soon!! But where to get a Nina ?__? *ggg* ^^
Were you planning to do the whole cast? I like his eyes.
I love them -swoons-

I love Alice, she is so prettiful!
I loved Alice in the movie and I love her here too!
She has spunk (;
I think he's great!! Really, great!

But I especially like Alice! =) she is my fave character in the movie.
Aww I am in love with Alice! Edward is great, too! You did a wonderful job here
Thank you sooooo much everyone Happy I am glad you like my Cullens... hehe... And I hope to have all of the Cullens some day... But Edward and Alice are my favorite Charas in the Movie ^___^ I planned a Jasper next, and then Rosalie I think ^^ But I first hope to get a Nina (to be my Bella) <3

I have a Taeyang William here... maybe he is the perfect Emmet? *AAAAH, don´t know* ^____^
awwww I love them, that looks exactly like Alice! Great job!
They are great! Good work! I look forward to seeing Bella! smile
Hihi thank you sooo much <3 Edward is kind of jealous because you love Alice so much *gg*

@keri1234: Bella is coming soon ;-) *sooo happy about that* ^___^
I love Alice too!

they're all so amazing!
Edward's eyes make me swoon. @_@
Also; are you doing a Jacob?