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Full Version: Hannahnoface's feedback
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I'm 18 years of age and have collected various dolls for many years now, I've only been into Pullips in the last 5 years and only purchased some in the last 2 years.
I use Paypal and my own credit card.

Thank you.


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+1 for a nice buyer. Payment fast and friendly. Thank you^^
+1 buyer~

Super, SUPER friendly and an absolute PLEASURE to work with! I've honestly never looked so forward to someone else receiving their doll from me before, she made it really fun and entertaining! Highly recommended, totally wouldn't hesitate to deal with again~ Thanks so much!! <33
Hannah bought Jolie's stock from me and we had a very smooth transaction. Many thanks, dear!
+1 as a buyer who is a pleasure do business with. She's sweet and understanding, and sent payment fast! Highly recommended.
Enjoy your new girl! smile
+1 as a buyer! Friendly communication and fast payment. smile
+1 She paid on time for her part of the FMD GO. She was also very patient and understanding when I had some personal issues come up and I wasn't able to ship the wigs when I said I was going to.