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What's a fair price for metal Pullip etc. stands? For plastic Pullip etc. stands?

ive done even trades with metal and plastic stands before - but usually each metal stand ive gotten for about $1/$2 but then shipping is what cost alot - plastic stands i usually dont keep so i try to get rid of them as fast as possible and then i usualy trade them for stuff - lol
I've recently sold my metal stands for $2 each. I've seen them for sale for anywhere from $2-$4 though. But yes...especially for metal stands the shipping is high (at least for me) because I prefer to ship them in a box.
I think $7 is the most I have seen a stand go for- it was a limiteds plastic stand smile
Just to update this - I just bought a bunch for $3 each. (In person, so there was no shipping.)