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Full Version: Sachi and Tina
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[Image: 4627947592_0ddf548d3a_b.jpg]

[Image: 4627343913_ed578246dd_b.jpg]
Your Tina is gorgeous! Did you customize her?
oooohhh. I love your Tina (Cin) rewigged. Nice pic.

Tina came in <3 She is such a doll (pun intended)
(05-22-2010, 09:08 AM)anniemilktea Wrote: [ -> ]Your Tina is gorgeous! Did you customize her?

no i bought her on ebay
Ahhhhh I have a girl by the same customizer as your Tina ^^

Your dolls are lovely
Both are gorgeous girls! Tina is simply lovely (and her outfit!)
Wow, Tina is fantastic, love the face up.
They are both too cute!
Both are so beautiful.
I didn't even recognize the Cinciallegra!