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Full Version: My Pullip family
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Hi everybody,

I wanted you to meet my little family.

I've begun collecting Pullip in 2007, and now I have 6 daughters,and I'm searching for a new one to be my last (I know, we ALL say this.).

So there they are:

[Image: 01711.jpg]

She's my first Pullip, a Papin. She is a full custom, I have customised her several times, but now I love her as she is. She has green acrylic eyes from Mimiwoo, SBH-L obitsu, her second ear pierced with two cupcake earrings, and a Cancan wig I have customised too. She's always dressed in blue, and she's hyperactive. She likes skating, and talking. A lot.

[Image: 00310.jpg]

She's my second Pullip, she's an Aquel. She is full custom, and, like Cristina, I have customised her several times because I didn't know what I wanted for her. She's now the one I am the most proud of. She has violet acrylic eyes from Mimiwoo, SBH-L obitsu, ears pierced with black pearls, and a Cancan wig. She's a goth, and her colors are purple and black. She's my little dreamer, and she's really shy.
She will be re-customised by a "professional" of custom, I wasn't satisfied about her make up.

[Image: img_2217.jpg]

She's a Papin too. I missed this model after customising Cristina, so I decided to buy a new one. I only obitsuised her (SBH S)and changed her wig for a Ndoll wig. I also customised her earring. She's my little girl, always dressed in pink (skirt or dress only!). She is Cristina's little sister and is as smart as her sister, and has a strong character.

[Image: img_2226.jpg]

She's a Prunella. She has new blue/green eyes from BJ's babes, a SBH-M obitsu and a new wig from Leeke. Recently, I had to repair her lips, because they were scaled, as a lot of Prunellas. She has now redish lips, and I prefer her like that. Jordan has a strong character, and she's a DJ. Her color is red, and she's my classy Pullip. I really like searching new clothes and shoes for her. She has a "J" in strass as earring.

[Image: img_2213.jpg]

So...Mercy is my last (but not the least) finished Pullip. She's a Suiseiseki (I think, just wrong about the Rozen Maiden models). She has blue eyes from Coolcat (the famous custom flat chips), a wig I bought on a forum, a mole on her cheek, a SBH M obitsu, and I repainted her eyelids in pink and I added glitter on her eyelids and on the top of the eye. Mercy is my little nerd. She's an Apple fan, she has her Mc Book (from what I had the idea of her), and her Iphone. She's hyperactive as a lot of my Pullip, and she's really funny. And really, really nerd (certainly as much as I am).

I also have my no-named Naah Ato, but I haven't finished her custom.

Thank you for reading![/align]
You have a very pretty doll family. I am totally loving Clea's super-long eyelashes! I also really like how unique each one of your girls looks!
Wow!! I love them!
They all have such strong personalities which really show through in the customisation!
I think my favs are Clea and Mercy

Great Job!
all amazing. Thanks for sharing!
Your girls are all Beautiful! I really like their strong personalities! <3
I love your family!!! they all have such great personalities!!! grinDD And style! XD
I love all of your dolls <3
Clea is my personal fav and I think you should leave her the way she is, she is perrrfect <3
Clea is amazing <3 I love gothic culture and music so she owns my heart !
Yes Sour chan, me too, so she is my fav!

Thank you everyone!

***L-lo*** has taken pictures of Mercy yesterday, in a nerd convention, and she has done a beautiful work <3 Hope she will post them!
Clea is beautiful, don't change her! You did a great job!
You have a nice sized (and quite cute I might add) eclectic family!

Clea's purple eyelashes are stunning, when you get her recustomized are you going to go with a similar theme for her faceup?
Yes baxterbat, actually, I just get her recustomized by someone who is good at customisation, but I keep the same colors, the same eyelashes.

I just want her to be more "cleaned", if I can say that. I didn't like her eyebrows and I don't have the good colors (my most recent make up was too pale).
I love Ophélia ^^
They are all so interesting! I really love Mercy and Ophelia. yay
Clea is gorgeous! I am in love with her. <3 I think you did a wonderful job on her make-up.

Where did you find a pullip sized MacBook and iPhone? So very cute!
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