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Full Version: Price check for my Dal Kanaria Custom
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Hello everyone!

I have a customized Kanaria doll, and I was wondering if anyone of you
could tell me how much she would sell for?

She has slightly carved scars, I redid her eye make up, she got new
lashes and she has a sanded and painted eyechip and a copper button
for the other. Her eyemech is changed, so she can look crosseyed. It
does mean you have to move the eyes with your hands, the lever
doesn't work anymore now. Also, she's on a hardbust obitsu.

Here's some pictures of her eyes and face-up:
[Image: 4451035332_f9c73e921b.jpg]

[Image: 4450266585_4c3ce5a9f2.jpg]

[Image: 4454324061_40c0d64943.jpg]

Please let me know what you think she could sell for. I'm not sure about
selling her yet, but I'd like to know it anyway. (She's up as a feeler
here on DM)

Thanks! smile
Are you selling her nude and bald? If so, I would say $50, but maybe less as her eyemech is effectively broken.
The pictures are just pictures I took while I was customizing her,
that's why she doesn't have a body, wig or lashes on the pics.

If I well her, I'm selling her with a pink wig, I believe it's from a Papin.
And she would come with a whole bunch of clothes.
Also, I don't believe her eyemech is really broken. I haven't tried yet,
but it should be easie to 'repair', as it was done on purpose.

So with Papin's wig, an obitsu, with clothes and with a 'repaired' mech,
what would the price be?
Just because it was done on purpose doesn't make it easy to repair -- carving is done on purpose but it's impossible to return it to the same state, and it takes a lot of work to get it even close! Try and see if you can't repair it first, and then price your custom. I think including a body, wig, clothes, and repaired eyemech, you could get $75 or $85 or possibly more if you found the right buyer. (It also depends on how her wig and clothes looks -- if she's a complete set of coordinating clothes and wig, then she's worth more. If she just has random outfits, then a bit less.) However, that depends on the eyemech repairs. If it's not repaired, I wouldn't expect more than $65 or $60. It won't bother every person that it has to be moved from the front but it probably won't attract most buyers either.