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Full Version: "You need some Dal sparkle!"
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Today in Gaspode's house...

[Image: 4690090947_f209608a1f.jpg]
Nova: "Pullip..."

[Image: 4690091097_0f1c0317f5.jpg]
Nova: "Pullip..."

[Image: 4690090947_f209608a1f.jpg]
Nova: *big sigh* "Pullip..."

[Image: 4690091389_288c51b926.jpg]
Nova: "What's going on here?! Where are all the pictures of me?"
Me: You've only been here a few days silly, there's lots of time for photos!"

[Image: 4690091535_f94ca1fe71.jpg]
Nova: "No excuse, you need some of that Dal sparkle in your life!

[Image: 4690724848_04b6170305.jpg]
Nova: "Look here, "Dalicious" that sounds just right for me"

[Image: 4690090589_b0e53860fb.jpg]
Nova: I'm bound to win, look at this face!

[Image: 4690090755_beb607bf1d.jpg]
Nova: "I'm b.e.a.utiful! Now enter me and start taking pics!"
Me: *sigh* "No one told me having a Dal was going to be this demanding..."
Haha, Nova's certainly fiesty! I love her outfit too smile
*giggles* She's adorable, that's such a cute picfic. And that Spiderman shirt is fantastic.
Sorry, I should have warned you. XD

She's fab! :3
I love your photo story! She's quite a handful isn't she?
lol How cute is she?! I so need a Dal in my life...
LOL! I love her wig!
hehe how cute! Dals are so spunky!
i love her wig too! what color/make is it?
I for sure need some Dal sparkle in my life!
Thanks everyone smile

Her wig is Leekeworld and was a ltd ed spring colour I think called spring green smile
She's so cute, and defintely making me think about getting my first Dal soon
Nova will be thrilled if her pics convince ppl to adopt Dals!
Nova's so spunky and adorable--totally love her. I have one Dal already, but am seriously considering getting another one. smile
Now I'm considering getting one too! XD Darn you Nova, you could sell iceboxes to Eskimos!