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Full Version: NectarineFire's Ratings
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+1 as a buyer, she was super patient in dealing with my being away and shipment taking ages.
+1, great buyer, thanks again!
+1 as a wonderful buyer who will always be welcome at my sales threads.

NectarineFire purchased some Lead boots from me. She was as perfect a buyer as can be--from her friendly & well-written PMs, to her immediate payment, to the notification she gave me when the boots arrived and then the feedback she left without me having to request it. I definitely recommend! smile Thank you!
+1 as a buyer! NectarineFire bought AA's flamingo from me. Despite being busy with travel, she paid promptly and stayed in touch. Highly recommended!

bought Nos from me - paid quickly and was never a bother - hope you enjoy him yay
+1 Positive as a Buyer -- A while back, NectarineFire purchased my Geronimo and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Great communication throughout and quick payment; I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thanks so much!

(I apologize greatly for not posting this sooner, I cannot believe I missed this ^^;;;; )
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