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Full Version: Gia, new custom girl, getting pic heavy!
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[Image: ClarityPullip019.jpg?t=1279490686][Image: ClarityPullip014-1.jpg?t=1279490762][Image: Giamotorcycle028.jpg?t=1277002069]
[Image: ClarityPullip005.jpg?t=1278048162]
This is Gia, also known as "Action Ang" - she was customized by Captainfantastic and I absolutely adore photographing her...(sorry :/
some of the pics are not the best, still working at it)
[Image: GiashootandTeaPartyII026.jpg?t=1276764592]

Here she is again in action![Image: GiashootandTeaPartyShoot1020.jpg?t=1276764763]
[Image: GiashootandTeaPartyShoot1010.jpg?t=1276800203]

[Image: GiashootandTeaPartyShoot1014.jpg?t=1276800764]
[Image: GiashootandTeaPartyII030.jpg?t=1276800846]
Will be posting more pics of her...
Here they are (She happened to be hanging around in the Garage and liked what she saw)
[Image: Giamotorcycle029.jpg?t=1277001763][Image: Giamotorcycle049.jpg?t=1277001899]

Gia's dating Aaron now; they seem to be having a good time:
[Image: Pullip028.jpg?t=1278047724]
[Image: Pullip013.jpg?t=1278047983]
She has the prettiest eyes!
Thank you so much! I think Captainfantastic did an incredible job creating them for her!! (I just picked out the color)

Wow, Captainfantastic made the eyes too? Gorgeous! You did a great job picking the color!
She looks just gorgeous!! I love how full her lips are, especially. smile And, oddly, she has the exact same eye and hair color as I do!
She is adorable!
From her name and look--is she the doll version of Angelina Jolie?

Your doll is very pretty--the eyes & full lips are gorgeous. smile
Thanks so much =)

She was meant to be a "Action Angelina Jolie" yes. Captainfantastic did an incredible job making her with a particular resemblance, especially with the lips. I am so happy how she turned out!!

I am trying to collect more "action" "military" gear to take some more pics.
Haha, when I saw her I thought she looked like Angelina Jolie! :3 Fantastic job, CaptainFantastic is awesome! <333
She is amazing!
OMG, how wonderful she is! *_____*
I love her lips, they're awesome ;D
Wow, I hadn't seen this until now. (I've been having a hard time finding time to get on here.) Thank you so much, Racer. I really appreciate the love! <3 I'm so glad that you're happy with her. Great photographs, especially the motorcycle ones!
She is great! Looks tough, like ske wouldn't take any nonsense from anyone!

Good Job

A special thank you to CaptainFantistic!! She is the creator of Gia, with her artistry and talent she made a very special custom Pullip! Thank you again girl, you know you are the best and I look forward to doing another one with you again!! (working on the pics for the "Happy Customers"... coming soon)