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Full Version: I want to ride my bicycle!
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I found a barbie bike at a cartboot sale and some of my girls have really taken a shine to it. XD

[Image: S6303565.jpg]

[Image: S6303562.jpg]

They also got some new clothes this morning, so here is Sail wearing some of Chicca's outfit and Solitaire has Hangry's!

[Image: S6303569.jpg]

[Image: S6303575.jpg]
Cute bike and story!
Thank you. yay I adore the bike! And it only cost me $3!
Ha ha, very cute. I actually looked at that at Target today and almost bought it
COOL! They're so cute! Tongue
Aww, super cute! And what a cool find! I found one last summer but the pedals were gone, lol. xD
Thanks guys! ^^ I recommend the bike, it looks really good with pullips I think. :3
Awww I love the bike pics, so cute!
Oh wow that's so cute!!
I've always wanted a bike for my girls
That is is adorable!

They look so cute on the bike! Love it!