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Full Version: Pullip Sailor Scouts!
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[Image: 4767286719_53c9211443_b.jpg]

I recently found a full set of Sailor Scout dolls on Ebay for £20 and snapped them up for my Pullip girls, I really love the way the group picture turned out!
There's a few more on Flickr, but I'm waiting till I can find better wigs to match the characters ^___^ Hope you all like the picture I just took of them all! =D
Oh my god they're so cute! I want those outfits XD
Hehe I'm so lucky I found them so cheap!! =)
Glad you like the picture though <3
Sailor Mars is perfect smile
Love them! =]
Very cute--that was quite a find on ebay! smile
I love them!! I miss watching Sailor Moon on TV
Aw, this post made my day. smile What great finds!
How ironic! I just found a Sailor Moon Pullip the other day in a Google image search! <33 They all look adorable!


i love smoon and pullips!! smooshed together = Heart
Best picture ever! I love how the pullips give the sailor outfits a slightly different twist! Heart
Very impressive this picture *o* I like very much the style of your dolls! Bravo!
Thank you everyone! =D
i love them *O*
that amazing outfits.... you just need wigs but i love them!!!