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Full Version: Show off your girls' most human-like poses PLEASE!
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After seeing photos of some pullips posed really like a human being here and there, I've realised how pretty pullips can be and I want to see more of them in poses like a real human being.

Please show them off here - I want to be convinced to be serious about collecting pullips once again after leaving behind the hobby for a few years...

Here's one for you. :3

[Image: S6303444.jpg]
[Image: 4624465398_00cf4c9fa3.jpg]

[Image: 4678342371_76dc30f285.jpg]
A little Nomado love:

Entertaining her friends after a night on the town
[Image: 2733522984_e3081b4642.jpg]

Testing out the new piano
[Image: 2749630445_c94497d809.jpg]

Pondering which carpet to put in the living room..
[Image: 2740810211_6e20400dc8.jpg]

Oh, and the girl who lives on my shelf, my signature dollie (currently rewigged for the second time since this was taken, but so what.. wink )

[Image: 3221476416_b088b70b80.jpg]
[Image: 30-05-2010001.jpg]
[Image: 0906105.jpg]

[Image: 1606101.jpg]

[Image: 02101.jpg]
[Image: 4739466901_bfc84d8a04.jpg]

[Image: 4764800624_26fe590367.jpg]
Many thanks for all the amazing pics!!!

Cartagia: I love how you posed your girl with her legs laying casually. She is looking very cool contemplating by herself under the sun.

Crazykimochi: How beautiful your two girls are! They look super sexy in their poses!

Birdie: Look at the musician! She is so absorbed in everything she's doing! I love your signature dollie in the last pic! The touching of her own stomach by one hand with another hand holding a mug are making her very real! She looks really relaxed!

fiwen30: She looks like a good and quiet girl : )

Thylaylii: how interesting to see the last pic with the two girls taking photos of themselves!

Misao: I like how your girl "moves" her legs in your first pic!

A quick conclusion after seeing all these beautiful pics: obitsu hands make the girls look so much more interesting and real! *LOL* Looks like I would have to swop all the stock bodies with the OB ones eventually to take nicer pictures! :-P
[Image: 4426554258_1833e09d80.jpg]
[Image: 4390653267_c664a66cda.jpg]
Jen: thank you for posting so many links! I've looked at each one of them and like those with your sweet Hello Kitty Pullip playing with her puppy especially!

SilverSumire: Oh your girl looks cool! I like the last one the most!

JennyCupcakes: Very nice shots of your two beauties indeed!
Here are some recent pictures I took of Envy which I think look pretty human like.

[Image: 028-2.jpg]

[Image: 030-2.jpg]

[Image: 033-1.jpg]
You're right! The way she sits on the couch and her taking a nap on it looks like she's real! : ) Thanks for posting the pictures here!