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Full Version: Some pictures of Zoe, the last to to arrive
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Zoe was the last one to arrive home and i'm really in love with her Heart 2
She's so lovely

[Image: 4820982061_c3cea423b3.jpg]

[Image: 4820982195_594ee7958f.jpg]

[Image: 4821598616_b775532352.jpg]

[Image: 4821598728_0922d0fe0d.jpg]
My Rida just arrived too, shes so beautiful =) Congrats!
She's so pretty, love her dress! Congrats!
She's pretty cute, that dress is perfect for her Heart 2
Zoe is so pretty!!!!!!!! ^___^
She's gorgeous, I love her outfit <3
her dress is perfect for RIDa - I do love that girl smile
Cute outfit smile I wonder what it would look like with black stockings though!
Ooooh! Very pretty! I love her outfit!
Your pics make me want a Rida! She is just way too cute, yet also wily looking wink