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Full Version: Zuora welcomes Nosferatu and Eos!
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So Zuora was my first girl, and now she gets to welcome all the new comers!

First off we have Nosferatu, still captured within his box. I think she's enjoying this part too much.

Kicking back and relaxing...

Yay - free at last!


But wait - what's that over there? Zuora is curious, but Nos isn't quite sure yet...

Ta-da! Eos has landed!

Unfortunatly my other pictures of Eos meeting them didn't turn out quite as well - so next time!
Very cute! They look like they'll all be happy together! grin
Nos and Zuora are the perfect couple Heart 2
Thanks! Yeah - I think they'll all behave and get along! Sweatdrop

However I do agree, Zuora and Nos are the perfect couple for me! I'm still working on a new name for Nos... I was suprised by how different their skin tone was in person!