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Full Version: Lilith.
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I've been a bit stumped on ideas on how to photograph my vampires, since taking them outside would kind of contradict the whole vampire thing so heres some pictures I took of lilith.

Lilith: Take photos of my vampiric stare.
[Image: lilith3.jpg]

Lilith: Did you get that?
Hannah Yes.
[Image: lilith2.jpg]

Lilith: Now, gaze the camera into my eyes
[Image: lilith1.jpg]

Hannah: I'm...feeling dizzy
Lilith: Don't mind that its just my eyes sucking the life out of you.
[Image: lilith4.jpg]
hahaha - i laughed the entire way through it ^^
That was so funny XD Love the last picture!
My life, it's ebbing away @_@ that last picture XD
Lovely pictures LOL
Lilith does have a very odd stare. XD
Haha, shes funny. smile Yes, she is kind of eerie.
The last picture was great
hehe, that last pic was awesome! I love Lillith!!


Your doll is lovely and what beautiful eyes she has . I felt dizzy just looking at her ; she is very powerful smile
Thanks everyone! She's really a gorgeous girl, although a bit erm how do i say this, spooky? XD her eyes really do stare right through you!
i have her too! she is very pretty for my hahaha, i love her!
She's gorgeous and so creepy! I adore the last "fainting" photo. Very cute and very clever XD
Thanks for the funny pics LOL
ahaha She's got you mesmerised.