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Full Version: Challenge 6 - Discussion
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Wow, there are definitely a lot of different ways to be occult, huh?

I like the mad science body matching by Hina's Tangerine the best, I think. It's a problem that plagues us all...maybe Chris Fritz's Melanie can help change the body colors? smile

I am glad to see someone put Cthulhu in. I had thought of doing something with him myself but couldn't think of any ideas! Yay, Cthulhu!
Everyone did a great job. smile I'm glad I was able to participate in Dalicious again - thanks for holding such a challenging contest!
It was a re4ally really great challenge and I am so happy that I was able to take part in the Dalicious Round 4. Looking forward to see the results.

Everybody took so many wonderful pictures! I hope that I will be ablte to participate in the contest next time, too.
Very interesting shots for this round. It's hard to say which one was the best--they all seemed great to me!

I am just satisfied that I was able to come up with a photo for each challenge and submit it on time. It was fun, although harder than I thought. Thank you for putting on the contest, and thank you to all of the competitors in this round of Dalicious! smile It was awesome seeing so many cool pictures of adorable Dals.
Great pictures, everyone!~ grin

I'm happy that I got a photo in every round, too.
I loved everyone's entries! smile I had so much fun and am also glad I got a picture in for every round. smile (although I almost gave up on this last one..glad I didn't)
Well done to everyone who participated! All the photos were so great!

I'm so pleased I got a picture in for every round, even if some of them were quite awful. I nearly gave up with this round as the theme didn't inspire me at all but I managed to throw something together as it would have annoyed me if I got all the way through only to have to leave at the last round =)
All your photo entries are incredibles *___* I enjoy every shot I do to my little girl ^^ thanks for the Round wink and congrats for all the contestants!!!! all the pictures are so lovely n.n
From this round, I especially enjoyed holyponiesbatman's Molly, Gaspode's Nova, and Merzedes' Yuraki.

As for the whole Dalicious, great job, everyone! Give yourself a pat on the back if you participated.
Just curious, when will the results be posted?
I was wondering too
I will be posting them tomorrow night. I was in rural Pennsylvania for a week with no internet. I just got back to Ohio this evening.