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Full Version: feedback for Miss Edith
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I have feedback - all good - at the following places

as mzblackwidow on ebay
as kinnat on etsy
as mzblackwidow on Mezco
as kinnat on oztion
Miss Edith bought Adsiltia and Serpent from me, made payment promptly as arranged and communicated very well. Good buyer, it was a pleasure doing business smile
+1 buyer~

Bought some dolly clothes from me and was perfectly sweet throughout. Thank you~! <33
+1 as a buyer. Bought Celsiy's wig from me, lovely person to deal with. Thank you so much.
1+ as a buyer - purchased a wig from me. Thanks!
+1 for buying a wig from me, lovely buyer and paid right on time grin x
+1 as buyer!

Yay, Miss Edith is só sweet!
I'm very glad my DAL Tweety is hers now smile
+1 as a buyer~ Wonderful communication, paid when promised and pleasant to talk with. Thanks again! Happy
Miss Edith purchased a Sooni from me! Great communication and a pleasure to deal with!
+1 for a fantastic buyer (Blanche's Stock)! Super Sweet and a doll to deal with! I hope it's what you were looking for!
Miss_Edith bought some clothing from me and she was a great customer through and through! Thank you again!
+1 as Buyer

Smooth transaction even though there was some mix up BUT EXCELLENT communication. Thank you very much! =]
+1 buyer~

Fantastic communication and one of the sweetest to ever deal with, thank you~! <33
A great buyer and super nice! Thank you for your purchase! :3
+1 as a great buyer! Prompt payment & excellent communication!
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