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Full Version: feedback for Miss Edith
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+1 as a buyer. Thanks for buying the dolls from me! smile
+1 Buyer
Miss Edith bought a Pullip and wig from me. she was good about Communicating and was super good about paying when scheduled.
thank you
+1 as a buyer!

Miss Edith asked me to pick up a couple of TM dolls for her. She was incredibly polite and friendly throughout communication and responded to messages promptly! She was a pleasure to work with and I'd be more than happy to do more pickups in the future.
+1 as a buyer! She bought MH Batsy and a purple wig from me; she paid on time, great communication, and friendly throughout. Thank you sweetie!
+1 for being a great, honest seller!
No problems to report; the doll arrived safely and as described, and all communication was swell! Thank you so much! yay
+1 as buyer she ordered a custom outfit for her doll. it is always very nice to talk to her, she is very pleasant, and i truly enjoyed the project. as usual she paid in full ASAP and she was very understanding when i miscalculated shipping. she also informed me when she received the package as well. i would love to work with her again.
+1 as a buyer.

As always Miss Edith was a dream to sell too smile Thanks love!
+1 as a buyer.

Always wonderful to work with! I would absolutely work with her again.
+1 as a seller! Great communication and very well packed for the long journey from Oz. Thanks again! Happy
+1 as a buyer

Miss Edith was very patient with me while I tracked down a missing shoe to complete the outfit from a doll I sold her. She's always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for giving my doll a new home!
+1 as a seller!

Purchased a doll from Miss Edith. Doll was as described and it was a perfect transaction. Thanks!
+1 as a seller! Great communication and the dolls came well packaged and snug!
+1 as a seller for Miss Edith. smile

I purchased three NRFB Pullips, and while unfortunately there were some bumps along the road, Miss Edith did everything she could to make it right. smile The dolls were accidentally shipped by the slowest possible method, and when they did arrive, they had not been packed well and so arrived damaged.
I was offered other dolls she had for sale free of charge, and Miss Edith insisted I not even pay for shipping. We kept in touch over email, and the next two dolls arrived in a timely manner and well-packed - as before when I purchased dolls from her.

While there were a couple mistakes made, I highly recommend Miss Edith as a seller because of her thoughtfulness and kindness and care to make up for what happened. Happy Thank you very much!
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