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Full Version: Fantastic Alice
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Just a few shots of the beautiful Alice XD

[Image: DSC_0007-2.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0012-1.jpg]
Aww, so pretty!
she's a cutie! It's nice to see pictures of alice, it's dificult to find photos of her n__n
I just absolutely love her Mr. Clock Rabbit lol. So cute!
I love Alice, and really want one.
Another stunning Alice!!! Heart 2
So lovely!
She's so pretty! Great pics - looks like she's day dreaming in the grass smile


I am sooooooooooo envious...I wish she wasn't out of stock on PS!!
How do you post pictures in here lol And she is super cutegrin
I can't believe I forgot to comment on Alice. She is absolutely adorable. And that bunny is so cute I want to steal it XD

I'm so glad you finally got her <3