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Full Version: Erin's look is almost complete! *photo-spam!*
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Erin, my first girl, & originally a Pullip alte has a new wig, new eye chips, new face-up (done by myself), & I've got some outfits together for her - some of which I made myself. I'm really pleased with how she's coming together! She's a mini me, & I've tried to model her style on myself as closely as possible, but she's turned out even better, lol, obviously!

I took her out into the garden today with her outfits, & we had our very first photo-shoot together smile I apologise for the poorness of my photography skills, & the newbie poses.....& for the photo spam! lol. I hope you enjoy these....

First off is a skirt I got off ebay, a little t-shirt I made myself, & a phone charm necklace!...(She's in a Fanatica stock wig btw)

[Image: Photo0018.jpg][Image: Photo0022.jpg]

Next, it's like a fashion a dress I made from some's very see through! oops, but it's also poorly made so I doubt I'll use it much...

[Image: Photo0027.jpg]

Only the one pic of this outfit as it decided to pee down with rain...Here she's wearing a leopard print skirt that I made, a scarf I knitted a Sindy T-shirt & some socks I got off CoolCat...

[Image: Photo0024.jpg]

Next up, leggings off CoolCat, leopard print tank top made by me, Cardy was off ebay (had to adjust it to fit), & phone charm necklace again...

[Image: Photo0033.jpg][Image: Photo0036.jpg]

Next is an adjusted Sindy (??) jumper, with Coolcat leggings, random doll hat, scarf I knitted & her stock boots...

[Image: Photo0050.jpg][Image: Photo0044.jpg]

Last few pictures! lol. She's now wearing the T-shirt made by me, lepard print skirt made by me, adjusted cardy, & a necklace I canabalized out of some old jewellery of my own...

[Image: Photo0053.jpg][Image: Photo0054.jpg][Image: Photo0056.jpg]

This was Erin before, in her stock wig & face-up:
[Image: ABCD0004-2-1-1.jpg]

I think she looks SO much better! Hope you didn't mind the photo spam smile Let me know what you think! (I know she needs shoes btw, they're in the post smile )
You've really done a stellar job with her! I remember your first posts before you got your first Pullip and now look at you! Doing face-ups and making clothes, that's awesome!

She looks beautiful and I love the pieces you've made for her!
Thanks so much smile I'm loving giving her character & personality, its so much fun.
Awwww she looks lovely! Great Job!
I love her personality and the clothes you put on her are adorable smile
I love the pic of her in the pink see-through outfit. You have done a very good job on her. She is so beautiful! :3
She is gorgeous Heart 2
She's stunning! :3 Love what you've done with her! <3
Thanks all, I'm glad you like her smile
You've done such a great job on her.


I want that lace drrreeessssyyyyy!!
~~Grabby hands~~
Whoa, she's adorable. I love her face up!
And the clothes you made for her are real cute! :3 You are very talented.


I want that wig....(Drools)
Lol, thanks all! The wig's a Fanatica stock wig smile Gorgeous isn't it!!? hehe, the lace dress is very poorly made, lol, I may have to make a second attempt at it soon before it falls to bits Tongue
You did such a good job with Erin! And all her outfits are adorable <3

If you need any help with the lace dres, PM me. I'm fairly good at sewing and we might be able to brainstorm a way to fix it ^^
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